The P840 Series specifically designed for ultra high purity gas distribution system used in semiconductor industry and electronic, medical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry.

Product Information
    Service intended
    P840 series are specially designed for the ultra-high purity gas distribution system used in a semiconductor, electronic, medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.
    Nominal diameter
    50 mm(2")
    Switch point accuracy
    ±2.0% of full scale
    Scale range
    0 ~ 28 MPa
    Working pressure
    • Ambient : -40 ~ 65°C
    • Fluctuating pressure : 67% of full scale value
    Working temperature
    • Ambient : -40 ~ 65 °C
    • Fluid : Max. 100°C
    Temperature effect
    Accuracy at temperature above and below the reference temperature (20℃) will be effected by approximately ±0.4% per 10℃ of full scale
    Pressure connection
    Type 316L stainless steel electropolished
    low mount or center back mount
    surface finish Ra≤0.25 ㎛
    ¼" NPT male thread
    VCRⓡ male or female face seal fitting
    316L SS
    <6 MPa : C-type bourdon tube
    ≥6 MPa : Helical type bourdon tube
    Type 304SS,
    Electropolished with pressure relief
    Cover and Window
    Twist-lock polycarbonate
    Stainless steel
    White PVC, with pointer stop pin
    With black/red lettering, dual pressure scale (bar)
    Black painted aluminium alloy
    Helium leak rate
    Tested to confirm leakage rates of less than
    10-9 mbar • ℓ/sec
    26 AWG, PVC
    10 feet (3 m) leads (2 black wires)
    Maximum switching current
    0.5 amps AC/DC noninductive load
    Maximum power
    10 W/DC, 12 VA/AC
    Maximum switching voltage
    28 V AC/DC