The P870 Series specifically designed for ultra high purity gas distribution system used in semiconductor industry and electronic, medical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry.

Product Information
    Service intended
    P870 series provide a superior chemical resistant and non-viscous pressure gauge which employs fluorine resin for the wetted parts. It can be used with highly corrosive fluids. The case material is PP resin and resistance to corrosive environments.
    Nominal diameter
    50 mm
    • ±1.5% of full scale (Only available with 0.6 and 1 MPa)
    • ±2.0% of full scale
    Scale range(MPa, kPa, bar)
    0 ~ 0.1 MPa to 0 ~ 1 MPa
    Working pressure
    Steady pressure : 75% of full scale
    Working temperature limits
    Ambient : 10 ~ 30°C
    Temperature effect
    Accuracy at temperature above and below the reference temperature (20℃) will be effected by approximately ±0.8% per 10℃ of full scale
    Pressure connection
    Fluorine resin (PTFE, PFA)
    Pressure element
    Bellows : Fluorine resin (PFA)
    Case and cover
    PP resin
    Screw type PET resin
    White Aluminium with black graduations
    Black painted aluminium alloy
    Process connection
    • Twist-lock polycarbonate
    • ⅜" PT, PF, tube (please consult about other connection)
    • Assembly and adjustment : Clean room (Class 10,000)
    • Leak test : He leak test
    • Treatment : Use no oil and water
    • Packing : after N2 gas flushing, clean polyethylene hermetical sealed packaging