The TED1X is a compact and low-power MEMS gas sensor.

Product Information
    The TED110 is metallic oxide semi-conductor type MEMS gas sensor for monitoring indoor air quality. It is the smallest ultra-low power multi-gas sensor with high sensitivity and containin g ASIC. Its design containing pre-installed software and the specific algorithms enable to det ect multi-gas and measure the temperature. This sensor is consisted of nano-particle metal o xide sensing layer, micro heater, micro thickness membrane and Read-out IC: these compone nts, together, provide high sensitivity, low-power consumption, fast response, small size and l ong-term stability. TED110 is a multi-gas sensor for monitoring Carbon monoxide(CO), combustible gases and a volatile organic compounds(VOCs). Additionally, it can be used as an equivalent carbon dioxi de(eCO2) sensor.
    • 1um thickness low stress Si3N4 Membrane wafer
    • High Sensitivity Thin film Sensing layer (ΔR/R0=20000% at 20ppm NO2)
    • Various gas (VOCs, CO, EtOH, CH4, NO2, Toluene, H2S etc) detect
    • Small Die Size (0.55*0.55*0.3 mm) and Small SMP packaging (3 x 3 x 1mm) with ROIC
    • Self-Temperature compensation with ASIC / Module
    • Long-term stability
    • Fast Response time(<10sec) / Recovery time(<50sec)
    • Reasonable price
    • Low(15mW) power consumption
    • Various Sensor packaging: Metal(TO 45), SMP packaging
    • Output: I2C Digital Output
    Standard circuit conditions Heater Voltage 1.0V DC (Max. 1.3V)
    Circuit Voltage Variable (Typical 1.0V)
    Electrical characteristics under standard test conditions Heater resistance 30Ω ± 0.5%
    Power consumption 15 mW (typical)
    Sensor Resistance 30kΩ ~ 80kΩ (@heater 1.0V)
    Standard test gas condition Normal Air @ 25±2℃, 40±5%RH
    Sensitivity(Ra/Rg) ~ 5 (20 ppm ethanol)
    Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60 ℃
    Relative Humidity Range 10 ~ 90%RH

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