The AIR111 is a MEMS Thermopile sensor with ASIC for

Product Information
    GAM Sensor’s infrared sensing technology is playing a vital role in creating a healthier, easie r and safer tomorrow. GAM Sensor has gained worldwide recognition for the design and prod uction of high-performance thermopile detectors and sensor modules that contribute to safe guarding homes, saving energy, and providing convenience. From motion and presence detec tion to gas detection, and thermometry and indoor climate control applications, GAM Senso r’s infrared sensing technology and growing infrared sensing range are meeting your challe nges. Our technology senses what you need for your cutting-edge applications. The GAM Sensor thermopile sensor consists of an array of nano-thermoelements (Graphene & TMD), which forms a sensitive membrane covered with an IR-absorbing material. IR transmi ssible filter is suitable for motion control, fire detection and other thermal detecting applicati ons. GAM Sensor serves various hermetical packaging for your applications. The AIR111 outp ut signal is directly proportional to the incident radiation power largely independent from the wavelength. Our nano-material technology guarantees a highly reliable quality and gives you the best price for your applications. GAM Sensor now offers Thermopile Detectors in compact SMP packaging. This enables stand ard SMT assembly processes and provides for small dimensions. These detectors are equippe d with an internal thermistor as a temperature reference for thermopile temperature compens ation.
    • TMD(transient metal dicalcogenide) thermopile IR sensor
    • Various Sensor packaging: Metal(TO 45), SMP packaging
    • Continuous temperature monitoring
    • High reliability & stability
    • Low cost
    • Real-time motion detection
    Technical Details
    Parameter Symbol AIR111 Unit
    Sensitive Area A 1*1 mm^2
    Number of Junctions Nj 128 ea
    Signal Voltage Ov 4 mV (125℃, 7um cutoff filter)
    Responsivity SV 74 V/W (227℃, 1Hz)
    Time Constant τ 25 ms
    Noise Voltage VRMS 0.02 μVHz^1/2
    Detectivity D* 8*10^7 cmHz^1/2/W
    Operating Temperature   -40~100
    Related Humidity   5~95 %RH
    Filter   Si Wavelength: 8~12um
    Field of View FoV 60 ° (at 50% intensity points)

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