The differential pressure transmitters of the 984M series are used to measure differential pressure, overpressure and vacuum.

Monitoring of gaseous, non-aggressive media. Possible usage areas are:
  • Building automation, air conditioning systems and clean room monitoring
  • Valve and flap control
  • Filter, ventilator and blower monitoring
  • Control of air flows
Configurable pressure range
For optimum adaptation to the pressure application, the transmitter can be switched between two pressure ranges. The factory setting is the sensitive range 1, which is selected by fitting a jumper. Removing the jumper activates the non-sensitive range 2.
Configurable response time
The response time of the output signal can be configured using a jumper.
If the jumper is in place the response time is slow(factory setting), which is useful for suppressing brief pressure peaks.
If the application requires a fast response time the jumper must be removed.
Volume flow measurement (optional)
The shape of the output signal can be switched from linear to square root using a jumper in order to measure the volume flow via a differential pressure.
Output signal selection
The output signal of the 3-wire version is configurable.
The factory setting is for a 0 ...10 Volt output signal, but this can be changed to 4 ... 20 mA by removing the jumper.
The 2-wire version is only available with a 4 ... 20 mA output signal.
Easy offset calibration
The output signal can be calibrated to zero by pressing the M key (pressure transmitter must be depressurised).
Switching output (not available with 2-wire version)
As well as an analogue output signal, the differential pressure transmitter contains an adjustable transistor switching output with a maximum switching capacity of 35 VDC/100 mA.

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